Sites to consult on Social Security

Many women  collect  Social Security benefits, to which they are entitled. In fact,  the Social Security Trust Fund is estimated to have enough money to pay you benefits until 2037.

Social Security income provides a base or a minimum income each month. The amount of money you receive depends on the decisions you make about the date  your benefits. Yes  do have a choice.  Your  decision about that start date for  will  be one of the most important ones you make. It will have a big inpact on the amount of money you receive each month. So make it carefully.

If you want the biggest social security check possible, wait until you are  70 to start your benefits. You are likely to recieve $100 to $200 or even  more per month, if you can wait until that age. If you can not, you can decide to start as early as age 62.  But starting this early will give you a much much smaller social security check.

Find your Social Security Statement to see what a difference you can make in hte amount of money the U.S. government sends you. Or go On-line to the Social Security Retirement Estimator.

WISER offers great information on Social Security. Make sure you click on their site WISER on Social Security. Also consider consulting the WISER’s chapter on social security from Wiser What Women Need to Know about Retirement.

There are other sources. These include the

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