Sites to consult on budgets

Here at Hot Flash Financial, we prefer to send you to Government Sites–so you can see your tax dollars  at work, and get them to work for you.

An Excellent and very thorough site is developed by your tax dollars. Click on My It offers you help developing a Spending Plan.

We also like to use sites developed by colleges for people like you. So take a look at a great site  developed at Boston College. It has some fun tools and it helps you think carefully about the impact of controlling your spending. The site makes a great case for developing what the Center for Retirement Research calls a “sustainable  lifestyle.”  The Center reports that making the changes you need to have a sustainable lifestyle are crucial. They are very likely to improve your ability to have enough money for the rest of your life, i.e. enjoy financial security, a Hot Flash Financial Goal.  Here is the link to the CRR website Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research.