Pact to ACT

Pact to Act

On this date, ___________ each member of our Hot Flash Girlfriend Group goes on record. Each of us will take ourselves, and our financial security seriously. So we will  follow the Hot Flash Financial Plan and start to pay down our credit card debt.

We each will write our names below, and the credit card we decided to target. Then  each will sign her name to show her commitment. At the next meeting, each of us will complete the remaining parts of this pact-writing down the minimum payment due on the target card and the Hot Flash Amount she commits to pay down her credit card debt. While we undertake this, we will help and support each other, even when the going gets rough.

On the date that each woman completes paying off the card, she will write the date, and initial it. Then each of you will celebrate her success.


Name     |  Target Card  |   Signature     |Minimum Payment   |        HOT FLASH AMOUNT |