Start depositing now

Don’t put this ACT! off.

Call Human Resources or go On-Line and log into your retirement account. Direct your company to increase your automatic contributions to your retirement account by just 1% or 2% of your salary. For the next 2-3 months, get used to living on the slightly lower amount of take home pay.

Then do it again in 6 months. Put a reminder in your Schedule to go back into the On-Line account in 6 months and  increase your contributions to your retirement account another 1%-2% . When you get the reminder, ACT!

Remember, you get a tax break. So if you contribute $1,000 extra per year to your retirement account, you will not have $1,000 less to spend. The way the government computes it, your take home pay drops less than that. And it will be spread over a lot of paychecks. Go for it.

Don’t wait to start. If you delay, time will work against. We at Hot Flash Financial want you to get time to work on your side.


Another important reason for you to start depositing now:

1. Depositing small amounts regularly every week, every month, every year, add up to big amounts, over time  But  🙂   small” does not mean a few cents.)

2 . The interest you earn on that money, or the investment returns, will help you increase that  amount of money over the time. When interest compounds, you get exponential growth in your Stash (For some of you, I apologize that I used one of those old words from high school math. ) Get time to work in your favor!

When you start automatic deposits now, you are  investing in yourself at the same time that you are building a bigger Hot Flash Stash of Cash.

And after all, as they say in the commercials…………. You are Worth It.