About the Author

Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss is passionate about encouraging   women to ACT! to increase  their own financial   security.

She believes strongly that we  women have to get serious about our money, and our future. Thanks to our amazing longevity, we have a very long future. So at age 50 or 60, we need to recognize that the next phase is important. We have to take a genuine interest in planning for that future. So we have to do what we did when we were about 18 or 20.  We have to develop a PLAN. We need to review our options for the future, make decisions and then ACT to make sure we have enough money to  keep us happy, independent and dignified for the rest of our lives.

What Wendy is arguing is that we should  do what women do best- get  prepared.  Organize our thoughts and our actions. So we can take control of the next stage of our lives.

That is why she developed this site, for you!

Hot Flash Financial offers you a D.I.Y. financial plan. You click on the site, so you can learn from it. Then you apply your new knowledge  to your own money situation. If you want to LEARN, click on the ASK navigation tab. That will give you some important questions to ask yourself. And we guide your toward the answers. Click through the options available to you in the Drop Down menu under ASK and ANSWER. Once you have learned some new ideas, and applied them to your own money situation, then click on the related ACT! navigation button. So you can ACT! on that knowledge. We encourage you to begin the planning process by compiling a list of your ASSETS,  then start to INCREASE the size of  YOUR HOT FLASH STASH OF CASH. And we give you even more ideas–how to develop  a  plan for your spending, and how to reduce your debt

Return to this site very often. Steal the ideas. Make them your own. And develop your plan, for the next 20-30 years of your life.

And, if you think this is too much to do on your own, or want personalized financial advice, there is another step you can take. Ask for a confidential session with Wendy, write to us info@hotflashfinancial.com. We charge a fee, but it is not enormous.

Why would you trust Wendy? Well, she has an MBA in Finance from Brandeis University’s International Business School. And she brings the discipline of doctoral and post-doctoral training characteristic of a Boomer who earned a Ph.D. (from Bryn Mawr’s Graduate School in Arts and  Sciences).

During the last decade, Wendy worked as a financial adviser for Morgan Stanley and later at  Banc of America Investment Services Inc, now called Merrill Lynch, During that period she devoted extra hours to  increase women’s financial literacy by offering seminars at the Massachusetts Money Conference for Women, as well  as presentations on investing, financial planning, investment, estate planning, and other issues at law firms, and other venues, such as Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center. In 2008, she was given the chance to work full time to develop Invest$mart workshops in Massachusetts through the Start$mart program. In the following year she gave   Wi$seUP seminars to college students in the Boston area. When she moved to Washington D.C. in 2009, she became active in the Financial Literacy programs of the U.S, Treasury Department’s FLEC program (Financial Literacy Education Committee)  was invited to Partner’s meetings at EBRI (Employee Benefits Research Institute) and became active with the Society of Actuaries’s Post -Retirement Needs and Risks Project Groups. She was a co-author of the ground breaking publication of Issues Briefs on retirement. In 2011, she was invited to give 2 presentations to the Smart Women Investing group at, Brown Univerity. She was pleased to be  invited to become a member of the Task Force on Financial Literacy of Massachusetts CPAs, and the Society of Actuaries’ Post-Retirement Needs and Risk Project Group’s work on the Round Table discussion group on “Running out of Money” after retirement.

Wendy’s publications to date include “Investor’s response to longevity risk”, and other contributions to the Society of Actuaries “Retirement Issue Briefs” on housing decisions as well as a paper on income during retirement.  She has also co-authored a paper with Ruth Nemzoff that helps seniors talk to their adult children about their assets. It is titled “Your money and your adult children- the challenges they present.”

She is very excited about this site. And she hopes it will encourage many women to take important steps to improve their finances and their future security.