Quiz #2

1. If someone asked you, are you a

  • Middle Class American
  • Upper Class
  • Or Poor

2. When you think about the money you “need,” when you plan to buy clothes or a car or fix up your house, do you model yourself on lifestyle of

  • The women on Sex in the City
  • The Housewives of ______ (pick your megalopolis)
  • Some movie stars or TV stars
  • Any old billionaire
  • Any old millionaire
  • A middle class American

3. When you plan a vacation, or plan to buy a house, or remodel it, do you

  • Plan for the ultimate luxury
  • Want nothing but the best
  • Want to live like royalty or at least a movie star
  • All of the above

Now look at your answers to question #1 and then look at your answer to questions #2 and #3. Does your answer to the first question fit with your answer to the other questions?  Is there something strange, surprising, outlandish, curious, queer, or funny  about your self definition  (probably as middle class) and your spending preferences (and life style) ?