Quiz #1

So take Quiz #1. 

1. What is your definition of a woman who is economically and/or financially secure?

a. Second wife of a rich  old geezer.

b. Divorcee (who had a very good lawyer) when she divorced a very rich man.

c. Loyal, long term wife of a man who has money (and hasn’t really told her he likes younger women).

d. Woman who won the multi-state lottery.

e. Woman who does not have to stress about money. In fact, she has a stash of cash of her own name  and a lot of good friends.


2.  How do you become financially or economically secure?

a. Lie, cheat, and/or steal.

b. Sleep your way to riches, or at least some money.

c. Pay to get a face lift or otherwise get rid of all wrinkles, age spots, and imperfections (that only you see).

d.  Buy every weight loss product imaginable and try them all to look youthful.

e. Marry rich, even if he is a total jerk!

f. Know that it is too late for any of those acts. So you take the TIME and the EFFORT  to build your security, and reduce your stress. You follow the STEPS outlined on our  Hot Flash Financial site. You try them out, laugh a little bit if your results aren’t perfect, and gain control.