Forget perfect


Forget being PERFECT!!!!!  We accept you as you are. So do your friends.

Here at Hot Flash Financial, we don’t expect perfection. We ask you to try some new skills as you take our steps. Don’t shy away, or worse, run away, because you ‘can’t do all this “right” or perfectly. No one every did anything perfectly, especially not the first few times she tried it.

Make  mistakes. Many people say you learn from your mistakes.

If you make mistakes, that just means you tried to do something new, and perhaps challenging. Trying is more important than making a mistake. And a mistake or 2 is not failing.

Ignoring these financial challenges is the real prescription for failure.

Mistakes are great. You know why? Comedians often get their best laughs from examples of people missing perfection. Or of people just not able to do what is “expected.”

So make mistakes. That way you  can laugh about them. Weave those mistakes into great stories. You don’t have to confess. Make up the name of the person who made that money mistake. Tell your friends. Then you can laugh together without losing “face.”

So try these steps we have given you at Hot Flash Financial.   You are not likely to do anything perfect the first time, or even the second. But you will get better and make less mistakes. Then use those past  mistakes or “imperfections;” to tell funny stories to your best friends. Let them giggle with you. And  maybe you can help them  learn from your experience.