Hot Flash Stash of Cash?

hot flash stash of cashYour Hot Flash Stash  is money in an account with  your name on it.  That money becomes your financial cushion for the future. It will give you the independence and dignity you deserve later in life.

So a  Hot Flash Stash of Cash is  really is 3 things.

1. It is money that you put into an account with  your name on it. (You can hold it jointly with a partner as well.)

2. In your mind you keep this account separate. It will not be used for every day expenditures, or to buy stuff, etc. You have to think about it as not only separate but also untouchable, except for Hot Flash Financial goals.

3. The money in that Hot Flash account exists and will be built up for your future financial security. In other words, your put money into that account,  make decisions and  trade-offs, and take action to build that pile of cash really high so you can  reach your Hot Flash Financial Goal– a  financially secure future.