Where Does It Go?

Ask yourself, where do all your precious hard-earned precious dollars  go? And try to develop some answers. Talk to your best friends about this.

You will need a sense of humor, especially about your self, when you talk about your spending weaknesses, desire for bargains, and impulse buys. We all have weaknesses. And we have all bought something on impulse. But have we thought carefully about the ways that advertisers get us to spend our money? To appear  thinner, more “youthful”, rich, “sexy,” radiant, vibrant. You know the words.

Maybe they enticed you into getting a new “look.”  So you reach into your wallet and spend money on clothes, handbags, coats, outfits, oh and accessories. Or you want to get that “look” for your home. So you buy curtains, pillows, new sofas, chairs, tables, beds, linens, oh the list goes on and on and on.

Maybe you thought if you could just spent some more money on this “bargain” it would be worth it.

Ask each other about these weaknesses. Try to tell stories that are funny. That is, try to use laughter as a weapon. Joke about the “error of your past ways.” Learn from each other’s stories. Start to get stronger and smarter about those spending decisions.

Then take a step. Go through your closet and basement and garage (if you have those). And look at the “stuff” you bought and no longer use. You know, the “stuff” that promised to make you “thinner,” more “youthful,” more “sexy,” more “desirable,” more “fabulous” or “wrinkle free.”

Report back to your friends about that pile of stuff. Then make a plan to SELL that stuff  together with your Girlfriend Group as a  garage sale or house sale. Call it a  Hot Flash Sale. (You can also sell it on eBay or on Craig’s List, etc.)

Keep the money from that sale in a separate account. You can use that money to 1) pay down debt or 2) deposit that money into your HOT FLASH STASH OF CASH. OR you can divide it in half and do both.From this day forward–every time you  reach into your wallet, decide if that purchase is the best use of your hard earned money BEFORE your take your money  out of your purse.