What Did I Do Right?

Ask yourself. “What did you do right?”

The answer is : You probably did more  than you thought. So let’s find out so we can  reduce your stress level, at the very beginning.

Sit  down with a pencil and paper (or your computer). And make a  list of everything valuable that you remember that you own in your name (and/or if you have a partner/spouse, what s/he owns).

If you need a cheat sheet to help jog your memory, list the following:

  1. Your house or condo, if you have one.
  2. Every account you hold, such as a savings accounts, CDs, checking accounts, investment accounts.
  3. Every retirement account that you have, whether at a former employer, a present employer, or an IRA. There are lots of types of IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Traditional IRAs. List all that you remember.We will get more specific when you are asked to ACT! on this.
  4. Do you have any right to a pension? Deferred compensation? Stock options?
  5. What do you think your Social Security benefits will be like?
This list is one of the first things we ask you to compile, to help you reduce your stress about money and your future.  So. look over this list. Did you forget anything? And one more question, do you know where you would find more detailed information about these things?
Because that is what we, at Hot Flash Financial, will ask you to do next–put dollar amounts on these valuables so you know how much money you do have. And we will help you look at find out about your own personal safety net, the income you are entitled to through Social Security.
So let’s work together and discover what you really did right, so far. We will ACT!
We will get real dollar figures for your valuables, as we  go on a “Treasure Hunt.”

So click on the ACT! Nav Button and scroll on down to Discover what you did right.