Ugliest Wrinkle

What is one of the biggest, ugliest most “unsightly” wrinkles you have?

If you are like most people in America today, you have a wrinkle in your financial future → you don’t have enough money………….yet.  That is,  you don’t have  the money you need to pay for your needs today and in the future.

So what do you you need to get rid of that nasty, unsightly wrinkle?

You need a HOT FLASH STASH OF CASH. What is that?


  • in an account, such as a savings account, CD, investment account, retirement account. That Hot Flash account
  • has your name on it (or you can hold it jointly with a partner.). What is also important about the Hot Flash Stash of Cash is that it is labeled,
  • in your mind as separate from the money you use every day.  That is, in your mind, you have to frame it as separate, untouchable,
  • existing solely for your future—that is a future of financial security.

Another important thing about this Hot Flash Stash of Cash, is that it might not be big now. But it

  • will become a significant amount, something you can be proud of. You have to build up that amount over the years.

You can do that if you

  • read the signs your HOT FLASHES send
  • and ACT!

 Now building a Hot Flash Stash of Cash can be a good goal. But remember, the objective is  once again, NOT TO BE RICH! You build your Stash, over time, to have a lovely, comfortable, cushion of money. For the time when you are more “mature.”

Ask yourself an important question

What am I going to do about that “wrinkle”? How am I going to get my own Hot Flash Stash of Cash, and/or build it ?

So that  I can be

►  dignified,

►  financially independent and

►  happy sharing lots of laughter with my friends and loved ones as I get older.

In fact, this can be the next question you ask yourself each time you get a Hot Flash, or over the next 70 times you get a HOT FLASH. The answer  or answers will take a lot of thought.