Girlfriend Group

Friends helping friends

Share this process with your friends. Ask each other these questions and kick around your thoughts while you develop answers.

Tell discovery stories. Brag about new found control. Motivate and support each other. Offer laughter along with motivation. Develop a Hot Flash Community of women of “a certain age and distinction.”

You can develop membership criteria. It can be wrinkles, laugh lines and muffin tops (on your belly) or real, honest to goodness love handles, and, of course, hot flashes.

Start with our silly quizzes. Then ask each other the questions we have listed on the site. Make sure you listen to the way they think about their answers. Let each woman develop an answer that suits her. Then encourage each woman to ACT!  Take pledges to increase your financial security. And make pacts to take all the steps you need to reach that goal. Help each other reach your goals.

Then you can all share a future of dignity, and independence, as well as the joy and laughter that financial security will bring.