Getting Started

It’s easy.

We want to get you involved, excited, laughing, and acting. So we are going to ask you do 3 things.

1. ASK yourself some questions. We provide them for you. Just click on the ASK & ANSWER navigation button above.You will get a drop down menu, and some options to the right. Click on them in order. We will make things clearer to you as you click through these options. Maybe we will give you a “”cheat sheet.”

We want to help you, not give you more stress. So keep on clicking.

2. ANSWER  each question. There is no correct answer. Answer each question in a way that is right for you. Then move on to #3.

3. ACT!  Take yourself seriously and take action.  Just click on the ACT! navigation button up top, or on the link at the very end of the ANSWER section you just read. That will bring you to the page that will give you, for free, and because we love you, the best ACTION to take to improve your financial security.

Count on us baby. Keep coming back to this site, ASKing yourself and ANSWERing, the ACTing. You will learn more, get more organized and get more control over your money, and your future.


pssst. If you can’t wait, click on the Laugh navigation button. Or take the first silly Quiz.