4 Letter Word – DEBT

Credit Cards. They are soooo American. We use them nearly everyday.

Some of us work, shop and charge. Some of us have lost a job or have become very sick, and have to turn to our credit cards to try to get through a difficult period. So many of us build large balances of credit card debt, for good reasons or bad.

Here at Hot Flash Financial, we want you to ask yourself some tough questions about those credit card balances.

1. Do you really want to carry all that credit card debt?

2. Do you know how much your pay each year to keep those high balances?

3. Did you know that each credit card company can change the interest rate on your balances when it wants to? And you know what way that will be, don’t you?

4. Do you know what that debt means for you and your future?

5. If you are working, what can you do to reduce your credit card debt?

6. What would you think of taking on the Hot Flash Financial challenge and reducing your credit card debt  before you age, retire,  lose your health or get downsized or outsourced and lose your job?

Why not take some ACTION? It’s time to Pay Down Debt!