Ask & Answer

What are the first Hot Flash  steps to take to increase your  financial security. Well  they are ASK &  ANSWER. You need to take these steps so you can complete the most important one, Step 3. ACT!

So start here with Step 1.  Ask yourself some important questions. You can find them in the drop down menu.

Then take Step 2. Answer these questions, thinking carefully about what is right for YOU. We, at Hot Flash Financial, can give you some hints, cheat sheets, etc, to help you develop your answers.

Your answers  don’t have to have “perfect”. Perfection is not our goal here. (After all, we have hot flashes.) You just need to get your answers clear in your mind, or on paper.

You can talk to your girlfriends about these questions and arrive at answers with them. But some things have to remain private, like how much money you have (or don’t have). So answer those questions in the privacy of your home. Look in your file drawers, or go On-Line to find out important information. But keep that info secret.


Once you have completed Steps 1 & 2, you will be able to take the most important step and ACT!  

Now you can NOT put this off. Because you have to know that Every time you get a HOT FLASH that’s a reminder to get YOU TO Click on our site, and take these 3 steps  to make yourself more financially secure, less stressed, more “in control.”