Start Reducing Stress

Money or its absence, can create a lot of stress. We, at Hot Flash Financial. have 4 specialized tools to deal with this type of stress.

Specialized tools:

1. Dart Board

2. Laughter

3. Talk

4. Our 3 Step program


How to use each one:

1. Dart Board, and darts of your choosing–take offending bill, tack it to the Dart Board, and fire away.

2.  Laughter. Here at Hot Flash Financial, we use laughter as a weapon.  We know you have to be able to fight off the tension, and meet the challenges, that money issues can create. So we use laughter, a lot.

Let us give you and example. When you take one of our Hot Flash Steps and try to do something new, we don’t care if you make a mistake. Nope. We are glad that you actually took some action and tried to do something new. So we encourage you to exercise your  story telling muscles, and weave a story about that mistake that is so funny, you have to share it with your best friends. Next time you think of doing the same thing, or making a mistake, you will giggle, or smile one of those knowing smiles, then change your behavior. So you can join us and use laughter to improve your financial security.

We have lots of funny things to share. Click on the Laugh NAV button.

3. Talk. Upset by some issue? Call the person you trust the most. And talk.

When men feel fearful or threatened, they fight or run away. When we feel stress, we talk. So do it.

You can talk to your best friend or 2 or 3. Try using a group of your very best friends to talk about the issues that Hot Flash Financial introduces. We call these Girlfriend Groups. And we have a lot of exercises for you to do together. (Most are in our book. Sorry, there was too much to do on the website. ) So consider organizing this group, and following the steps. The first step is, of course, laughing together. The next steps are fun too.

4. Our 3 Step Program. Ask & Answer the important questions we give you. (Click on the NAV button for Ask & Answer– and click through the menu and sub-menus.)  Then Click on the ACT! NAV button and do all the exercises. Oh and don’t forget to laugh along the way.