Progress Over Time

Your hot flashes are really reminders

Make progress over time. Take the next year to try to increase control over your finances. Try changing your spending guide so that you have a little more money to stash (in your name) at the end of each month. Try keeping better records of your accounts. Get more organized-develop a system that allows you to see all of your accounts on one page. That way it will be easier for you to know what you did right.  And try to reduce your use of credit cards. It would be great if you could reach the age of 65 and have no more  credit card debt.

Review your progress each year–on your birthday or each New Year’s Day. Or pick a date that suits you better. Look at where you were last year. Then admire the improvements you made since you started following Hot Flash Financial. Look at the amount of money you hold in your Hot Flash accounts– and your list of assets. Aren’t they lovely  after you build them up? Admire the zeros on your credit card balances. Revise your spending plan–craft a beautiful one. And follow it.

Oh, and don’t forget to use laughter as a weapon. Each time you face a financial challenge, or you make a tiny mistake with your money, develop a funny story about it. Get really good at it, so each time you tell one of your stories, everyone falls silent to hear what you have to  say. Build that story really well, so you can  end your stories and be greeted with big giggles, if not hoots, and thigh slapping laughter.

Keep clicking on Hot Flash Financial’s website. Read our book and our blogs.  And tell us what you think and feel, as you go through this process.

Don’t forget to help your friend get to the Hot Flash Financial site. That way, each of you can enjoy the peace. comfort, confidence and independence that financial security provides.