Reduce debt stress

Hot Flash Financial wants to help you reduce your credit card debt, and the horrible stress it can create. If you start to pay down that credit card debt, you will increase your control over your money and your future. And you will be closer to reaching the goal of financial security.

Ask yourself some questions. And you can talk to your girlfriends about this challenge. (Again, keep private  the total dollar  amounts you owe . Just talk about the burden that debt can create.) You might want to get your whole group of friends to work on this issue (once again, keeping the dollar amounts a secret). That way you can support each other. And you can motivate each other to take some action. Here are some questions for you to ask yourselves.

  • Does it make sense for you  to keep these high amounts of debt?
  • How much money do you pay the credit card companies each year  because you keep that high balances and only pay the minimum due?
  • Go back to each credit card agreement and find the interest rate they are charging you. Write that down on your list of credit cards and balances.
  • Go on-line, or on a computer and key in the amounts due, and the interest rates. Get the shock of seeing how much it costs you to hold this debt. You pay that money to the credit card companies, not to yourself or your children or your Hot Flash Stash of Cash.
Step 2. Make a promise to yourself and/or a pact with your girlfriends. You are going to take on the Hot Flash Financial Challenge and begin to reduce your credit card debt (and your debt stress).
Set a goal to pay off one card at a time.
How? go to Step 3. How to Pay it Down.