Pay Down Debt

Debt is really a 4 letter word at Hot Flash Financial.  So let’s take a look at the steps you can take to reduce your credit card balances. We break this down into a lot of steps. There are about 2 to a page. So you will have to click through the sub-menu to ACT!

Equipment needed: pencil, paper, calculator, dart board and darts.

Step 1. Find out just how much money you owe the credit card companies.

  • Take every credit card out of your wallet, and your drawers.  Yes, every department store credit card, gas, chain store, and other types of credit cards.
  • Find the last credit card bill you  have gotten for each card. (You may be able to find this information On-Line).
  • List every credit card on a sheet of paper, in a column on the left hand side of the paper.Or use our cute little form.  Draw 2 more columns, for a total of 3 columns. In the second column, write in the Total Balance Due  (sometimes it is called the Total Amount Due) for each and every credit card, right next to each credit card you have listed
  • Now ADD UP  THE TOTAL BALANCE (OR AMOUNT) DUE for all of your credit card balances at the bottom of Column #2
  • Take a deep breath. Or a stiff drink.

This is where the dart board comes in handy. Pin some or all of those credit card statements to dart board, and throw those darts hard!!!!

This is big.

But don’t worry. We at Hot Flash Financial are not going to leave you hanging with that threat of death over your head. Keep clicking here on our site. Take Step 2. We call it Reducing debt stress.