Find Money

The best place to find money is—in your paycheck. Really. But how will you find that money?

Well quite simply, you can think more carefully about your spending, and  ACT to spend less.

Why not talk to your girlfriends about the ways that advertising gets you to reach into your wallet? You know how they tell you that you can buy yourself more youth, more  beauty, less wrinkles, a thinner body,  you know the list.

Let’s go one better. Let’s give you the tools to actually look closely at what you really do reach into your wallet for.

This project is  really worth it. We are going to give you some fun, techy gismo ways to do this (with your computer or a smart phone) and some more traditional ones.  Just click on the Track It option in the Drop Down Menu and follow the steps. Then Click on the Track and Decide link. And take action!