Celebrate Successes

Celebrate each time you complete and ACT!. Rejoice when you pay off  a credit card balance, increase your deposits in your Hot Flash Stash of Cash, and/or stay well within the guidelines of your  Spending Plan.

You can celebrate by simply patting yourself on your back. Or you can brag to your best friends, or your partner. You can congratulate yourself when you look at  a larger balance in  your Hot Flash Stash of Cash–especially if it is your retirement account at work, and your IRAs and saving accounts. And you can show off a zero balance on a credit card bill.

After all, you have done a lot of work. You followed the Hot Flash Financial 3 step process. ASKing, important questions, then ANSWERing in ways  that suited your personal situation. Even more important, you went one step further.  You ACTED! You took concrete steps  that helped you get more financially secure. Bravo!

So now it is time to have some fun. Because you are starting to make sure that you have enough money to pay for everything you need today, and thirty or more years after your hot flashes have started.

Since you took those Hot  Flash Financial Steps, you will be able to enjoy the dignity and independence that financial security brings. So share that with your friends. Tell them the funny stories you developed while you were trying to change the way you thought and acted about your money. Share the laughter with them. And encourage them to take steps like you did. Sure, let them click on the Hot Flash Financial site, even if they are too young to have hot flashes, or their own hot flashes are only a dim memory. Your mother can live more happily if she has financial security. So can your sister, and your daughter.

Celebrate with the ones you love. Cultivate those ties. Relationships with friends are more important than the “stuff” you buy.  They reward you with love and laughter for years. And they will be your best comfort in the decades to come. (That is, after knowing that you have the money you need. )

Then,  take some more steps. Review your progress each year, improve the way you ACT with money. Build your Hot Flash Stash of Cash. Increase your financial security. You will be glad you did.