Perfect? We are NOT into being perfect here at Hot Flash Financial.


Forget being PERFECT!!!!!  We accept you as you are. So do your friends. Just click on the site and follow the HOT FLASH steps so you can (DIY) to  make your money situation better.

  • I read something that I love. It was a perfectionist who realized he had to lighten up on himself. I don’t remember his name, but I do remember the title he conferred on himself a  Recovering Perfectionist, as in, Hi, I am a Recovering Perfectionist.  That looks like a great ice breaker. So next time you are at a party and don’t know what to say to introduce yourself, try it. And see how much fun you have telling stories about the CHANGES you have made when you gave up perfection. You can even credit Hot Flash Financial for this new status.
  •  When we expect to reach perfection we create too much stress. When we miss that “perfection,” we admit we are “human.” And we often get a very good story out of it.
  •  Comedians often get their best material from examples of people missing perfection. Or of people just not able to do what is “expected.” Much of that material is visual—as in the times someone tries to look sexy, goes to lean on an elbow and misses the table. So,………. you can get some material from it, and some laughter from these slight misses or even big misses, too. Try it.
  • Here’s another way to think about this. Many people say you learn from your mistakes. And you know what?  You can also laugh about them. And weave them into great stories. You don’t have to confess. Make up the name of the person who made that money mistake. Tell your friends. Then you can laugh together without losing “fact.”
  • It is more important to try, and make a mistake, then to avoid doing anything to improve your financial security. Try the steps we have listed here. You are not likely to do anything perfect the first time, or even the second. But you will get better and make less mistakes. Then use those past  mistakes or “imperfections;” weave them into funny stories.  Tell your best friends. Let them giggle and maybe learn from your experience.