How to build your Hot Flash Stash of Cash

Start to take money from your paycheck, every paycheck, (or if you do not work, a portion of your income) and use it to improve your Hot Flash Future.  That Future is that very  long period, some 30- 40 years after your Hot Flashes start.

Start to AUTOMATICALLY deposit a portion of your paycheck into your  HOT FLASH STASH OF CASH account. Go ahead. Set up the auto-deposit through work. Make sure you set up an auto-deposit directly from either1) your employer and/or 2) get your bank to send it from your checking account to your Hot Flash Stash of Cash each and every paycheck. (We discuss more about the first type of account to stash the cash in the next step.)

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 What if you Answer

Well I don’t have any extra cash!!!

Well, we  will tell you that that is what HOT FLASH FINANCES IS ALL ABOUT. We want you to find money in your paycheck and control it. So you can control your future.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve.

You can keep reading and do this alone, or bring in your girlfriends and ask them what they do to find some money!